Career FAQ

What is different about CRT from other provider(s)?

At the top of the list on what separates CRT from our competitors is our experienced recruiting and service staff. Our competition believes that the answer to your solution is delivered through cheap labor given a boot camp on acronyms. At CRT, we view the IT staff of an organization as the life blood. Our experienced staff is capable of delivering honed in results, much quicker and at the same price the large providers charge for a fraction of the experience level.

What is the difference between a contract position and a contract-to-hire position?

A straight contract generally has a designated start date and end date with optional extensions. Once your contract and any optional extensions have ended, your assignment is complete. Many of our clients view the option of a contract-to-hire as the best way to evaluate a potential future employment relationship with our consultant. After a predetermined period, the customer may hire the consultant to join their staff as a full-time employee, choose to continue the contract arrangement with the hire option or allow the contract to lapse.

Will CRT allow me to contract as an independent contractor?

There are many reasons that it is not desirable for a staffing provider, as well as an individual, to engage in an independent contractor arrangement. Topping the list are IRS implications and personal liability concerns. We can, however, work with your company on a vender contract arrangement. Our trained support staff can help guide you on how to set up a legal corporation for your consulting business that will allow you to not only work with CRT in the future, but many other consulting and staffing firms as well.

I’ve never contracted before. Isn’t contracting risky?

The IT labor market remains very active and continues to show strong demand for workers with marketable skills, good communications and a solid track record. In fact, while many career fields experienced severe declines throughout the recession of 2008 and 2009, IT employment suffered lower declines. When you are a contractor, you’ll enjoy the benefit of greater flexibility, a higher rate of pay and experience building assignments. Career contractors build their resume with each assignment, and that translates to greater market demand! Even with all of these benefits, contracting isn’t for everyone. We also provide permanent placement services, so please ask your recruiter about the options that may be available!

How expensive is it to work with CRT?

Working with CRT will not cost you anything, even if we are unable to make a connection for you.

Does CRT offer referral bonuses?

Yes! Our best placements generally come from your referrals. We’ll pay you up to $1000 to refer the right candidate to us! Many of our referrals come from our current consulting staff; however, we offer this referral fee to the public as well. Please see our Refer a Friend page.

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