Consulting Solutions

Many organizations are finding a more sensible approach to their critical IT needs through outsourcing, for many reasons including these:

  • Experienced consultants expedite delivery and assure quality.
  • Information technology staff turnover rates are continually increasing.
  • The cost of training, maintaining, hiring, and retaining highly skilled, reliable IT staff is now more expensive than ever.
  • Maintaining IT can become a consuming priority for an organization that needs to remain focused on its core business.

CRT’s software development engineers are available for consulting engagements on a fixed price or hourly basis, and can work at on-site or remote locations. Armed with the latest software expertise, they’re capable of supporting organizations in the roles that best meet their immediate or long-term needs:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Systems Development
  • System Architects and Analysts
  • Mentorship Consultants
  • Project Managers

Our experience brings immediate value to your team by:

  • Quickly adapting to your methods and structures
  • Putting a wide range of technical skills at your disposal:
    • Full life-cycle development of self-service corporate portals
    • Cross platform development
    • Reverse engineering of existing systems
    • Migration of legacy software to state-of-the-art web/database solutions

This combination of expertise, focus, commitment, and methodology gets the job done right. Guaranteed.

Our consultants will make a difference for you.

Request a consultant today.